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Pin up models series: Zombie nurse

We are not going to bore you. We all know what pin up models are. For almost a century there have been a series of women who with their suggestive poses, naughty attitude, and always with a smile on their lips, have served as role models and inspiration for many women. It would seem banal, but in the beginning these girls broke rigid social schemes.

Pin up zombie enfermera

Behold the woman who has stolen our hearts. Who says zombies can not be pin up models?

This brief introduction helps to present the new collection of illustrations that we are going to develop. During the next weeks the principal characters will be the pin up girls of the Underworld.

The idea born from seeing a nurse in a hospital of dubious reputation playing with a heart in his hands and a mischievous smile on her lips. There was no way to convince her to return it to us until we agree to portray her as you can see. Despite everything, it has turned out to be a great zombie pin up.

The fact is that after seeing the result, this nice zombie nurse gave us another great idea: to start a line of t-shirts with the portraits of the pin up girls. Well, we make a little test and the truth is that we liked it very much as it was. It is also true that we have some rather strange tastes but that is what sets us apart from the rest of the herd.

Zombie nurse pin up model t-shirt

You are invited to follow this interesting and funny collection. Your comments and contributions are welcome as always.

Greetings from Villaoscura.

New website for Desquiciados SC

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The new website of Desquiciados SC makes it easy to find the perfect gift

Hi there!

We have recently finished redecorating our website. Now it is much more comfortable for anyone who wants to spend some time looking around Villaoscura.

The navigation through all our products and designs is much easier. At a glance you can browse our extensive catalog. In there you can find, among other things: wall clocks, sculptures, figures, cameos, brooches, masks, t-shirts …

From the page you can access our online store on, which is where you can get with that gift so appropriate for that special friend. You can also indulge yourself, of course.

You are invited to visit our new site and, if you like it, share it with your friends.

See you!