Pin up models series: Baphomet

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Baphomet is a very respected deity and a recognized pin up model here in the Underworld. Her capacity to maintain confused all mankind about what she represents is laughing reason to all her naughty fellows.

Origins of the name

For example, her name. Many people has dared to proclame that the word Baphomet means one thing or another as if they are in possess of supreme knowledge.

Eliphas Levi, the French occultist who drew the famous depiction of Baphomet argued that the name had been derived from Kabbalistic coding and composed of three abbreviations: Tem. ohp. AB., Templi omnium hominum pacts abbas, “The father of the temple of peace of all men”.

Arkon Daraul, author and teacher of Sufi tradition and magic argued that it proceed from the Arabic word Abu fihama(t), meaning “The Father of Understanding”.

Dr. Hugh Schonfield, whose work on the Dead Sea Scrolls, claimed that when one applied the cipher to the word Baphomet, it transposed into the Greek word “Sophia”, which means “knowledge” and is also synonymous with “goddess”.

Well, we know our friend enough to say that she herself don’t even know where her name came from, so…

The figure and the cult to Baphomet

Then we go to her appearance. Among other many representations of Baphomet, Eliphas Levi draw the most famous representation of her. He tended to believe that she is a mixture of many stuff: head of a goat, one male arm the other one a female arm, woman breast and baculus shaped penis surrounded by two serpents… And he said that all these symbols represent the hermetic principles.

Well, we want the same stuff that made that the good Eliphas had such a visions. All is more simple than that but let people believe such a things. It’s more funny.

Because of that great mystery that surrounds her, she has been worshipped along the centuries until nowadays by many kind of people: Templars, Masons, Satanists are the most striking ones.

In conclusion

Some people argue that she is evil. Others said that she represents goodness, wisdom. We think that she is everything: nice, cruel, pretty, funny, sarcastic, badass… Many faces of the same coin which makes Baphomet a magnificent creature to spend a lot of time in her company.

PD: If you are still curious you can follow this link to discover all what men think they know about Baphomet.


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